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Cleaning Services

No analogues, because no any company cannot clean 6 tubes in one time.
And in fixed system We can use more pressure, because No human factor
in contact. And specifically rotate nozzles can clean more effective.

No RISK! Safety Comes First. Dual coil springs increase the safety and stability
of the guide block. The operator has located about 25 ft. (7.6m) away from the splashback area for increased safety. Secure guiding pipe for inserting of the rigid
lance in a vertical position with UHP volume. Air or hydraulic powered, Swivel
wheels, jack stands, and rear supports provide extra stability & support in
key points of the system. Adaptability to any size bundle and can be
configured to horizontal or vertical operations to maximize flexibility. Due to
minimum overhead area (3.6m) of the unit, this method is the ONLY the
best practical, compactly customized & yet the most flexible automatic six
rigid lance application system